How to Dress Up This Summer During Covid

There so much going on during these gloomy times whilst the world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic but when you step out, do in style. 


Summer is here and we all know how exciting this season can be. It is a season of colors and more fun in the sun for everyone. As it gets hotter, we know old winter and spring fashion pieces won’t work for this season. The summer season calls for a new set of comfortable, fresh, and, of course, stylish clothing. Forget about wearing tight tank tops and daisy dukes this summer! Lets do something different this year guys. 

“In my opinion, there are a few must-have items you need for this summer if you want to become the “chic summer fashion icon” everyone will be looking at for cues. I am going to attempt to share a list of possibilities and let you 

⦁ Bermuda shorts
⦁ Pure white cotton summer dress
⦁ Mesh top layers
⦁ Square sandals
⦁ Bra considered as a new Top
⦁ Any kind of straw element
⦁ Vibrations of tropical paradise
⦁ Go Pink
⦁ T-Shirts
⦁ Floral Prints
⦁ Crop Tops
⦁ Off Shoulders

In my opinion, there is no “one size fits” all for how to dress well whether its in winter or summer So what you wear today could depend on how you feel. It could also be shaped by where you are going and what your days itinerary looks like. Whatever you do, remember that you want to be comfortable first before you try to be fashionable.   


If you dont follow this first principle, you could end up coming home stressed out out, with sore feet, sweaty or just plain pissed for not dressing well for something that was supposed to be fun. In the next article titled “Bermuda Shorts” I will attempt to show you how,where and when it’s the best time to wear one of these funky shorts.